This page provides a chronological overview of the various science related projects I’ve worked on. The titles link to a page with a more detailed discussion and direct links to the work. There will be more in the future, as I’m not yet ready to publish some of the topics in the list down below.

PhD: The MICADO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

A Fourier optics approach to evaluate the astrometric performance of MICADO (2020)

A conference proceeding where I investigate how wavefront errors affect the location of the PSF centroid as a function of field position. I then relate how this might impact the astrometric performance of the MICADO instrument.

Quantification of the expected residual dispersion of the MICADO Near-IR imaging instrument (2020)

The first publication related to my PhD research topic goes into the sources of chromatic dispersion and how much of that is corrected by the MICADO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector.


Masters’s project: Quantifying the wavefront error budget of the MICADO ADC using power spectral density analysis (2017)

Using ray tracing, I investigated how wavefront errors affect the astrometric performance of MICADO. This MSc research project was supervised by Dr. Willem Jellema.

BSc: Protoplanetary disks

Bachelor’s project: An investigation into the correlation between CO and H2O emission in protoplanetary disks (2015)

My first taste of real science. An investigation into a relationship between CO and H2O emission line flux in protoplanetary disks, supervised by Prof. Dr. Inga Kamp.

More to come in the future…