About me

The story so far. In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

Douglas Adams in The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

I’m a PhD student working on the MICADO instrument for the Extremely Large Telescope. I love photography (though I don’t nearly have the inspiration nor the time to do it as often as I’d like…) and I’m also a tech enthusiast, which is partly why I decided to build this website in the first place. On this website I’ll post things in both Dutch and English, depending on my target audience for that particular post. Most of my research related posts will be in English, while my holiday pictures and stories will be in Dutch. It’s a personal website after all, so I’m hoping you don’t mind too much.

If you’re interested about any of my research, photographs, blogs or anything else. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Cheers!

Voor de Nederlandse bezoekers; Deze website is bedoelt ter vervanging van een facebook pagina, welk ik niet meer heb. Ik zal hier dingen plaatsen over mijn onderzoek, mijn interesses en vakantieverhalen. Afhankelijk van het doel van de post zal de tekst in het engels of nederlands zijn. Logisch, toch?

Mocht je vragen hebben over mijn onderzoek, foto’s of wat dan ook. Gewoon even een berichtje sturen en dan antwoord ik vast. Groetjes!